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4221 Moraga: The Pictures Say it All

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Here at Curbed SF we pride ourselves on our snarky take on our fair city's real estate and neighborhood mini-dramas. But every once in a while a story slaps us into seriousness -- like when we saw the new listing for 4221 Moraga, a short sale of a single-family home going to auction July 16. Ostensibly, it's a two-bedroom, one-bath Outer Sunset home listed at a jaw-dropping $279,888 (the property was last sold in 2003 for $575,000). But there are four additional unpermitted bedrooms and three additional unpermitted bathrooms (!), and the pictures show evidence of a family with young children living in pretty spartan conditions. Oh, maybe we're being sentimental, but this listing makes us think about the distress of families being dislocated by economic troubles and a bursting real estate bubble. We hope the people in this family (or families) land on their feet.
· 4221 Moraga St [Redfin]