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Lofts in Downtown Oakland in the $300K's

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OK, we've been sort of allergic to Oakland. At least we were, until a few visits to downtown Oakland last month where we actually paid attention. New on the MLS this week from Brog Properties and repped by Vanguard: The Bridge Lofts at 330 Thirteenth Street. Once known as The Golden Bridge Lofts, they seem to have dropped "Golden" in the new marketing materials. We're also not sure where the 'bridge" comes into the picture. No matter. It's a conversion of a Julia Morgan commercial building from 1923, and despite looking like a cast-iron loft building in New York's SoHo district from 1870's it's probably terra-cotta tile on a steel frame. That's our Julia, always the historicist.

Four units to a floor, ranging in the $300K's with apparently identical floorplates over a commercial space. We're a little fuzzy on how live/work zoning plays out in Oakland, but that's how they're being marketed. Use smaller canvases, maybe?

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