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That's an Edwardian?

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Really? Well, if the listing agent for 1010 Balboa St. says so . . . To be fair, the listing does point out that "some updating would make this grand 4BR home truly shine." Indeed, it sure doesn't look like much from the outside. Moving inside, there's some nice detail in the living and dining rooms (if you like very dark wood paneling); the kitchen and the one bathroom are beyond blah. And what's with the ginormous palm tree right smack in the middle of the unlandscaped backyard? On the other hand, $825K for 4 bedrooms at 11th Ave. and Balboa ($427 a square foot) isn't too bad. Do something about that curb appeal, plan for a complete kitchen remodel and then, maybe, you've got something.
· 1010 Balboa St. [Redfin]