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770 Powell Street (Kiosk Not Included) $6,000,000

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What's not to love about empty lots- full of possibility plus an opportunity for strife with the neighbors. There's a parking lot (for as long as anyone can remember) just beyond that sweet kiosk, at the pedestrian-unfriendly conjuncture of Powell and California, facing the bulk of the Huntington Hotel, the bleak backside of the Fairmont, tourists dodging cable cars, and cable cars braking. It's a pedestrian-unfriendly neighborhood with steep streets, no retail, and a surprising number of vintage parking garages that offer little or nothing at street level. OK, there's the Tonga Room, but how often does one need a fix of Polynesian kitsch and drunken frats? Yours for $6M, on and off the market since February '09, 770 Powell is for sale with "previously approved" plans for a nine-unit Beaux-Arts style building named The Bentley, also without apparent retail. With the planned reworking of the Powell side of the Fairmont, there's an opportunity turn this intersection around. Hours of online fun with the bird's-eye view at Bing maps.

· 770 Powell Street [Redfin]
· 770 Powell Street [Bing Maps, click on aerial view]