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901 Powell Street, Edwardian Studio $379K

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Still trolling Nob Hill: at the Elizabeth, at 901 Powell Street, a classic Edwardian era apartment house from 1912, upwind from the soon-to-be-demolished Fairmont Tower and downslope from the Brocklebank. But for shade-plant collectors, there's a quirky studio apartment off the main entrance with a terrace nestled up against the curved stairwell, asking $379K. OK, yes that kitchen needs rethinking, but the rest is interesting multi-level space with a wood-burning fireplace and huge french doors. It's also directly above the Elizabeth garage door, so there's probably some occasional vibration to accompany the cable car clanging, both of which are free with the $588.00 HOA, but as studio units go, this one's pretty good.

[Note: the Brocklebank, one of San Francisco's iconic apartment houses thanks to its role in Hitchcock's Vertigo, is a rental building with a long waiting list. Apartments are either one-bedrooms or three-bedrooms. The three's are about 3K square feet.]

· 901 Powell Street, #1 [Redfin]