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Architecture in the East Bay: One Fails, One Sells

In Orinda, the Hertzka & Knowles house with the terraced roof/patio/stage set has been taken off the market after a number of price chops. Sadly. it would seem that houses inspired by French modernism from the 1920's don't sell in Orinda. Or that someone who wants a house based on the French modernism of the 1920's wouldn't be caught dead in Orinda.

Meanwhile, the lovely John Elkin Dinwiddie house in Berkeley took a major pricechop and finally closed for the (relatively) bargain $1.8M after being listed for $1.995K. It needs a lot of "refreshing" and we wish it luck in its new life. Also the new owners. Will they restore the funicular from Tunnel Road leading to the front door, like a private woodsy Berkeley version of Angel's Flight? Even without the funicular this project will be soaking up a few bucks, and the big question remains- did exiled and eminent architect Erich Mendelsohn have a hand in the design?

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