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Gentrification: What's in a Name?

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Mission Local gives an easy overview of the last week's MLS district changes. Seems people have mixed feelings about going to bed a hipster and waking up a yuppie.

You think the name of your neighborhood is codified by a bureaucrat somewhere poring over old maps? Um, no. Where you live is determined by the folks at the MLS, using the city's district map for the basic framework, and they've issued an official-looking new map. There are nips and tucks all over. Significantly, Glen Park, Noe Valley and Bernal Heights get bigger. All three are popular with the private-commute crowd that works down the Peninsula, with Glen Park taking a nubbin of Sunnyside, Noe Valley a pair of blocks from the Mission. Bernal runs off with the bottom triangle of the Inner Mission. Last year, the changes looked like this.
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