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In The Mission: 555 Bartlett Does Well With The Basics

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Curbed SF has taken a few looks at 555 Bartlett Street this year. The building's site, which wraps around onto Cesar Chavez and Mission, was originally occupied by a paint store and its parking lot with some some frontage 22nd Street. As expected, the plans for a condo project ran into some problems with the neighbors. It wasn't like the neighborhood activists wanted to preserve the Streamline Moderne store- they wanted a labor center and subsidized housing. What they got was the promise of an education center, a mural by Precita Eyes plus nine BMR units. There's deeded parking for each unit and a Zipcar pod. Some people hate the paint colors, others complain about the Post-Modern stucco that still reigns supreme in San Francisco. We like it for its proportions and simplicity. It's infill, not the Federal Building.

The project's done well in sales. Out of fifty-eight units, thirteen are still available and four of those are BMR. The prices are mostly in the $400k's, although there's a corner two-bedroom with exceptionally high ceilings in the low $700K's. HOA's in the range of $300-400 a month. And while we expected the building to be popular with hospital employees who might want to live near work, according to the sales office it's mostly people who work down the Peninsula (Google, Apple, et al) augmented with some Mission empty-nesters. So in a market over-populated with condos, this one has done well in part because of the private transit system that's grown up around Noe Valley.

Developers make choices. They made some good ones here- the interiors are simple, almost austere. Nice hardware, Bosch appliances, and details like kitchen exhausts that actually vent to the roof. Bike room. Wired, plus key-fob access all over the building. Most importantly, the units are quiet- the big thermal windows do a very good job of keeping out the din of traffic. BMR units are fundamentally the same as the market-rate. There's a huge private courtyard opening up the middle of the block, and in general, a nice place to live. Sales office open, plus interactive floor plan porn online at their website.
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555 Bartlett Street, San Francisco CA