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Sunday Open House Report

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Pacific Heights Classic: old-school brown shingle, great views and well-proportioned rooms. Expect it to need some work, since the listing doesn't show the kitchen or baths and it was built in 1898. We looked, but couldn't find a single recessed lighting fixture anywhere. $3.395M and open on Sunday, 2-4PM.
· 2623 Divisadeo [Redfin]

Madame Butterfly in Noe Valley: Just with a happier ending. Beautiful mash-up of modern and Japanese elements in the best handcrafted tradition. The listing says 1910 but there's a remodeling narrative here somewhere. On and off the market since 2008, currently priced at $2.195M. Open Sunday 2-4PM.
· 542 Valley Street [Redfin]

Additionally: The Marin cottage on Nob Hill from earlier today at 1555A Sacramento Street, plus the Nob Hill plutocrat flat uphill on Huntington Square at 1170 Sacramento Street. And a word about that- we were under the impression that open houses are not permitted at 1170 Sacramento. So don't be surprised if suddenly there isn't one.
· 1170 Sacramento Street [Redfin]
· 1555A Sacramento Street [Redfin]