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In the Nanny State that is San Francisco, Elevators for All

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There may be other houses that are uglier, but at $3.850M this one's officially heinous. Is 27th Street still even in Noe Valley? We're sure it will make someone happy, and that's fine, but it has that boutique hotel look that makes us squirm. Is that a glass floor in the kitchen? It sure as hell isn't a mat. And actually, the kitchen's pretty swell.

Best of all, there's an elevator to all floors, You can harrumph all you want about laziness, but elevators permit some serious benefits in vertical houses. They permit people to age in place, stay in their homes longer, and may even encourage multi-generational living. It's easier on the staff- schlepping up and down those stairs is an invitation to injury. If you're in your 'twenties, elevators make living with softball injuries easier to live with. Here, with the kitchen and entertaining spaces on the top floor, you can convey that case of Romanée-Conti upstairs without fear of disturbing the sediment. Plus your inebriated friends can make it to the street less bruised. We don't know how much an good elevator costs in new construction- maybe $30K a floor? If you've got the chance, sounds like a good investment overall.
· 267 27th Street [Redfin]

767 27th Street, San Francisco, CA 94131