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In Tiburon, Staggering View and Staggering Price

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One wonders how they come up with these asking prices. In the case of this modernist hillside house in Tiburon, $10,480,000.00. Designed by architect Chester Bowles, Jr., built in 1960 and in apparently wonderful condition, it sits on 1.8 acres of grassy ridge overlooking the bay and bridges and surrounded by conservation lands. All we can find out about Chester is that he was a partner in Marshall & Bowles and that they specialized in innovative school design. Eighteen rooms, including four bedrooms and three baths and a pool. The listing says "waterfront" when it's probably just "waterview". Just. There's a huge skylit atrium in the center. and we can't help wonder if that pebble-paved sunken area was once a fountain.
· 180 Hacienda [Melissa Echeverria/Sothebys]

180 Hacienda Road, Tiburon, CA