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Empty? Or Not Empty. That is the Question

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Have a hankering to leave your mark on the built environment of San Francisco? An imprint on the quirky architectural legacy of the Bay Area? We thought so. Here's three lots in varying degrees of empty. Prices do not include the years of political contributions you'll make to get these puppies built.

1. Not exactly empty, 906 Cortland Street is at the far-east end of the the gentrifying Cortland Street retail/food strip, a 4250 square foot lot with two existing buildings, both of which may be candidates for demolition. More-or-less 78 x 58, or about $211.00 a square. We could see a big organic bakery-cafe here with apartments on top and a garden in the back. Just not for $900K.

2. 842 Moultrie Street, an empty lot that actually is empty, comes with plans for a two-studio/one bedroom house for an artist couple by Ververka Architects, a small firm with a good portfolio of built houses. $399K, on the market for about sixty days. A bit of a hike to the center of Bernal's ground zero and about equidistant to the Alemany Farmer's Market. Minutes, of course, to the 101 and 280.

3. Is the lot half-full or half-empty? That's the question at 1344 Clayton Street, which is apparently a double lot extending downhill to Corbett. There's a three-level Edwardian up top and a two-car garage at the bottom and chipmunk habitat in-between. No word on whether the lots have been severed, which probably means they have not. A property just crying out for a funicular. 1.4M and on the market since December, 2009.
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906 Cortland Street, San Francisco, CA 94112