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Ah, Transbay, We Hardly Knew You: 1939-2010

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[Photo Credit: Buses by Brandon Doran via Flickr Group Transbay Terminal]

[Correction: We erred. The tour is only given Friday July 30. The TJPA is not now as stunningly generous as previously thought -PF]
There's only two weeks left before demolition begins, and we think it amazingly considerate of the TJPA to offer tours of Timothy Pflueger and Arthur Brown's granite mausoleum of a terminal. Yet another modernist landmark that San Francisco has no use for, from an earlier, more optimistic time when transportation had some dignity and commuter trains traveling over the Bay Bridge found their destination here. It's going out with a whimper, and barely a nod from preservationists or John King, proving once again that if you're not an over-decorated Victorian in this town, you're fucked.

Not to be missed: Cuddle's Bar and the Terminal jail. Guided tours on the hour, noon to 4PM, through August 6.
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First & Mission Streets, San Francisco. CA