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Cute and Quaint (and Sad) in Eureka Valley

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First, let's get something out of the way: This has a TIC. Now, before you go bat shit crazy on us (like you usually do when we show a TIC), let's just take a look around the place. Then we can discuss the pros and cons in the comments.

The basics: Built in 1901, it's a 2-bed, 1-bath 1,200 square foot top floor flat with a unit below. We understand that having a Tenancy in Common is the pits, but can we at least stop to appreciate that this is a really good looking flat? What if the neighbors are super nice? The spacious floorplan has an excellent layout, it's got charm and coziness, and lots of natural light because of its large windows. Sure, the kitchen is a little small, and we don't understand why the washing machine and dryer are not only in the bathroom, but also without any type of door or curtain (easy fix). It's also been sitting on the market without a single bite for 50 days now. The HOA fee will run you $250 a month. But its current asking price is only $498,000. What do you think, dear readers? Is a TIC ever worth it? And why?

· 472 Noe Street [Redfin]

472 Noe St., San Francisco, CA