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Pricechopper Bloodbath Edition: Save $8M in the Valle de Vaca

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Originally offered for sale in October 2008 for $16.9M, this swell Cow Hollow apartment house on the corner of Pierce and Union was designed by Bay Area architect Albert A. Schroepfer and built in 1931. Included is one grand apartment with a penthouse ballroom and a sense of style that appears to be unchanged since the house was built. Probably best described as Spanish Renaissance veering into 18th Century Neapolitan, with four more modest units in various states of decor. Still, it's interesting to see what may be untouched-but-well-maintained decor from the 'thirties looks like.

The inventory includes one one-bedroom, two two-bedrooms and two three-bedrooms, five garage parking spaces. There's an adjoining parking lot for overflow which is presumably buildable. Two units are owner occupied, meaning- we hope- you get it vacant, without any pesky tenants. And yes, there's an elevator. Also a turret, presumably defensible. Slashed to $12.5M in January 2009. Then de-listed for a few months and on the market again in November 2009. All this can now be yours for $8.9M, but with almost two years on the market, maybe less.
· 2860 Pierce Street [Redfin]
· 1860 Pierce Street [Sothebys]

2860 Pierce Street, San Francisco, CA