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St. Francis Wood: Like Los Feliz, Just More Fog

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Are sellers in St.Francis Wood now more sensible about pricing or getting better advice? Purchased for $1.75M in 2004, 1700 Monterey Boulevard is being offered at $1.95M. Enough room for both a bidding war and worst-case, a slight price chop. This was a house designed for living with servants ie. the galley kitchen has a work-friendly layout and a butler's pantry but wouldn't be much fun if, as per usual, everyone you invite over winds up there. One bedroom and bath is on the main floor, so it's either that maid or an office. Otherwise, some nice rooms including a grand living room with a redwood ceiling. Attractive outdoor spaces plus some unremarkable bathrooms. One day on the market and open this Sunday and next.
· 1700 Monterey Boulevard [Redfin]

1700 Monterey Boulevard, San Francisco, CA