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Which is Worse: Before or After?

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[Aerial view from Bing Maps]

Looking at Sockesite yesterday, an inescapable sense of déjà-vu overcame us. We'd been here before. Not only had we gone to an open house, but Curbed SF had been there, too. This cliffside condo at the very beginning of Lombard Street on Telegraph Hill had been empty for a few years, the realtor told us, because the owner was smitten by the view but couldn't make up his mind what to do with the awkward spaces. The current owner apparently had no such compunctions, changing the dodgy layout and tearing out the cheap alterations of previous owners. We're not crazy about the result, decor-wise, but the layout's improved. The kitchen had been tucked into the back but is now upfront, and we can't imagine a better place to do the dishes. The previous kitchen and dining room have become bedrooms. The roof deck once had metal chimneys and a near-life size bronze sculpture of a happy family, visible in the aerial view above. Now it's got a new deck and a new stucco chimney, although with the original knee-high balustrade still in place your insurance company may declare it off-limits. The space once occupied by the green house is now a tile-roofed dining area leading to an Amalfi-Coast-conjuring terrace overlooking the bay. The "before" sold for $2.2M, the "after" is looking for $.4.895M. Sadly, none of the images come close to showing just how staggeringly great the location is.

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