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Frank P. Doyle: Gone and Soon to be Forgotten

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[Credit: from the Presidio Parkway Webcam]

We thought this had been going on for months, but no, a press release landed in the email this morning announcing today as the first day of construction of the replacement of Doyle Drive with- drum roll, please- Presidio Parkway. Which should be done by 2013. Since San Francisco started talking about replacing Doyle Drive in 1991, a few months either way doesn't make much difference. We just want to know how the Doyles feel about it. The Doyle in question was a mover/shaker/banker in Santa Rosa who was among the first to lobby for a bridge across the Golden Gate and was the first person to drive across during the opening ceremony is 1937. All you really need to know is that Doyle Drive, that elevated highway that joins Lombard Street to the Golden Gate Bridge while flying over parts of the Presidio, will reappear, renamed, as a tunnel.
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