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Enjoy the Great Outdoors of Soma Grand, Plus Pork Buns

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Fresh on the market- a one bedroom/one bath resale at the Soma Grand for $579K. Originally purchased in 2007 for $549K. On a low floor but with exceptionally high ceilings (over eleven feet, two feet higher than the rest of the building) and a huge terrace. Leased parking is $200 and HOA is $540. We're not huge fans of the Soma Grand. It's a generic building that's too big for it's lot. It suffers in comparison to Morphosis' Federal Building to the east, but then again, anything too close to the Federal Building would look like a plain cousin. And on the other side, Arquitectonica's Trinity Plaza project provides an attractive but unintended sunscreen, blocking off views to the west. On the upside, there's still that big terrace, plus Charles Phan's Heaven's Dog & Noodle Shop of the lobby is a short elevator ride away. Pork buns!

· 1160 Mission Street #509 [Redfin]

Soma Grand

1160 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103