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Happy Fourth of July

Edge of San Francisco - Southeast from Spots Unknown on Vimeo.

We want to wish you a jolly Fourth of July weekend- we'll be closed on Monday the 5th and hope you will be as well. Drive safely, drink responsibly, don't eat too many tofu dogs. We recommend artisanal pork products over incendiary devices. And to inspire some trekking beyond your usual borders on this lovely weekend, we offer some video from Spots Unknown:

Too many of us think the only things worth looking at in our cities and towns are those safe and sanitized attractions that require an admission fee. It's no wonder people feel unfulfilled as they shuffle through the maze of velvet ropes on their way out through the gift shop.

Urban explorers strive to actually earn their experiences, by making discoveries that allow them to get in on the secret workings of cities and structures, and to appreciate fantastic, obscure spaces that might otherwise go completely neglected.

Indeed. Happy 4th, y'all.