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Extreme Choppage: Tudor Addition

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Located in the Lake community, this 3-bed, 1.75-bath, 2,448 square foot home just took a massive chop of $150,000 off its original $1,450,000 asking price, bringing it down to a healthy and completely obtainable $1,300,000. The lackluster and questionable "Tudor" style exterior is quite the contrast to its interiors.

Once inside you become aware of the many facelifts this property has undergone since its conception in 1912.

You've got your typical Victorian details in the living room, but what's going on in the den/dining nook/partial kitchen area? With that said you do get a pretty stellar backyard with a lawn and a deck. 151 22nd Ave has been sitting on the market for 47 days, here's to hoping the chop generates some new interest in the property.
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