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Join High Society at 1055 California for $9500/Month

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While trolling the listings today we stumbled upon a fancy condo within the walls of 1055 California that you can now rent for the small sum of $9,500 a month. Before we get into the details, let us count the ways we love the building (down the street).
We wrote about our love affair (and really nerded out) with the apartments at 1001 California back in August of 2009. Each unit is drastically different than the other, but they all share a level of opulence that isn't found very often in San Francisco. Specifically unit #3, which had just hit the market with an asking price of $7,250,000. Because of our blind devotion to our favorite Beaux-Arts residential building, we thought it'd sell quick. About a month later it took a massive chop of $300K. It finally sold in May.

The unit for rent is a 3-bed, 3-bath unit. The apartment faces west, so you've got views of Huntington Park and Grace Cathedral. It also has a gourmet kitchen, two fireplaces, washing machine/dryer, and access to the garage (for an extra $350 a month). The building itself has a full-time doorman, and since you'd be a renter you don't have to cover the over-the-top HOA fees.

We do like this rental, we do, but we don't know how we feel about the toilet in the master's suite being directly in front of a full-length wall mirror. Kind of awkward, no? And how about those kitchen cabinets? Tell us, dear readers, what do you think?

Whoopsies! Looks like the listing is for 1055 California, not 1001. We've corrected it.
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