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Hayes Valley Development Conquers Planning Commission with the Power of Jazz

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At yesterday's regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission, SFJazz received the go ahead on their proposed Hayes Valley performance and administrative building. The three-story structure includes a 350 to 720-seat auditorium, educational and office facilities, a ground floor restaurant, a small ground floor retail sales area, and loading facilities. The development will replace an existing two-story mixed use building.

Claiming that the site's myriad transit options make the location ideal, the 38,600 square foot building will host the organizations various events and administrative functions, all without additional parking. SFJazz expects total construction costs of $18 million, not including $131,240 in potential neighborhood impact fees. While the Board of Supervisors will ultimately decide the fee issue, the Planning Commission recommended SFJazz not pay these fees due to its non-profit status. The approvals largely sailed through the Planning Commission with strong neighborhood support, proving conclusively that jazz is the salve of the NIMBY soul.

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