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After Only 40 Days Eichler Summit High Camp Cuts Bait

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Located at 999 Green Street, the 32-story Eichler Summit is no stranger to astronomical prices. With floor-to-ceiling glass and terrific views of well, pretty much everything, there is little wonder as to why. That said, unit 2804 seems to be having a bit of trouble. Listed at $2,575,000 back on June 3, the sizable 2-bed, 2.5-bath lopped a cool $250,000 off the asking price yesterday.

This unit appears to have been extensively renovated, and while the agent omits the square footage from the listing, the pictures look spacious. Not only that, but the views are sufficient to make a blind man stand up and shout. And then comes the rub: with HOAs of $1,717 per month, we are encroaching on St. Regis territory.

Was: $2,575,000
Now: $2,325,000
You Save: $250,000 or 9.7%

999 Green St. Unit 2804 - [Redfin]