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Public Art for Central Subway Proves as Bitter a Pill as...The Central Subway

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The Central Subway has been a politically juiced project from the start. Despite the fact that the new line will create only 4,600 additional trips over existing bus service, and will cost an additional $4 million per year in operating expenditures over existing bus lines, utility relocation began in January, with completion scheduled for 2018

As if to soften the blow of this $1.6 billion behemoth, the SF Arts Commission is now soliciting feedback on public art proposals for the new Chinatown Station. Unsurprisingly, the submissions mostly play on the Chinese heritage of the community, telling the story of Chinese immigration, and highlighting various segments of Chinese culture. Also unsurprisingly, given the contentiousness of this project from the get-go, we are not impressed by what we have seen so far. As the SF Appeal makes clear, this is not a vote. Rather, the SFArts Commission wants your constructive criticism. So at the end of the day, much like the Central Subway itself, whether San Franciscans like the art or not, we're stuck with it.

Central Subway: Chinatown Station Proposals - [SF Arts Commission]