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Contemporary Funk in Valencia Street Victorian

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This pre-quake Victorian at 975 Valencia hit the market yesterday and oozes plenty of lovingly restored sass. According to the listing, the house was originally built in 1875, and occupies a respectable 2,080 square feet. Listed at $1,199,000, that runs out to roughly $576 per foot. While contemporary, the finishes appear to respect the house's history. Extra points awarded for the stained glass window over the living room.

Yes, the building respects its roots, but this is no restoration for the historical register. Both the exterior and interior paint exhibit modern color schemes, and the kitchen appears to have been completely gutted and redone. The purple exterior stands out sharply from the neighboring buildings, but fits well into the overall character of the neighborhood. Include a three-car garage, and you have one modern pre-quake Victorian.

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