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Giant Grasshoppers Invade Proposed Moscone Central Subway Station

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Earlier today, we posted about the proposed art installations at the impending Chinatown Central Subway station. In the comment section, a very dispassionate reader made note that the Arts Commission is also accepting public comment on the proposed Union Street/Market Street Station, as well as the Moscone Station. Right you are, anonymous commenter, right you are.

We are pretty nonplussed by the submissions for the Union Street Station. The same cannot be said for the Moscone Station. All of the proposed pieces at Moscone integrate well with the design of the station, and also provide an engaging break in the scenery of the typical transit hub. Joyce Hsu's Flocking-pictured above- is particularly interesting, as is Michele Oka Doner's Radiant Rays. These pieces prove that it is possible to incorporate design, public art, and hard function. So then what's up with the Chinatown Station?

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