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Lennar Receives Tentative Go-Ahead for Hunters Point

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As reported yesterday by virtually anyone with an internet connection, last night, the Board of Supervisors considered the approval of the Hunters Point EIR. Given the level of acrimony associated with this project, the meeting was prime for governmental theater, and did not disappoint. According to the Chron, the meeting began promptly at four, and then lasted until a final vote at 1:35 this morning.

The final score was 8-3 yea, with a somewhat predictable contingent of Mar, Daly, and Avalos voting no. While this may seem like an environmental green light for Lennar, as well as a minor triumph, Board President David Chiu ensured that the Board will revisit the topic on July 27, when the Board considers a number of eleventh hour amendments. Chiu proposed these amendments in an effort to make the EIR more palatable, giving the Board more direct control over the clean-up of certain sites, design of the bridge over Yosemite Slough, require funding for job training for local residents, and $250,000 from Lennar for early expansion at the Southeast Health Center.

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