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Sunset Battleship Will Blow Your Mind - Fog Permitting

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We seem to be long on views this week. Profiled in this morning's Chronicle, this three-bed, two-bath home near 14th and Lawton provides east-facing views from the Golden Gate Bridge to Sutro Tower, and everything in between-on sunny days, anyway. Still, fog or no fog, the property's second-floor living room and deck run the length of the house.

The property has exquisite views, granted, but we are not completely sold. Looking past the drab, battleship appearance of the exterior, the interior finishes and architecture show a bit dated, though better than their 53 years might indicate. On nice days, the Sunset is a truly gorgeous neighborhood, and we have always been outspoken in our support. That said, odds are good that it took the photographer a good many days to get the shot above. At $839,000, or $705 per foot for 1,190 square feet, someone apparently bit - the house was delisted July 7. Perhaps the two-car garage had a hand in it.

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