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Interesting Thefts in the Richmond

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To truly know one's community, one must stay current on all neighborhood trends. It is therefore with much gusto that we stay up to date on the local crime blotters. In particular, the Richmond crime blotter occasionally clues one in to the psyche of the Richmond thief. In the July 9 newsletter, Richmond District Police Captain Richard Correia highlights the following notable event:

Between 07/03/10 at 11:30am and 07/05/10 at 1:10pm on the 2000 block of Divisadero, a suspect entered into a garage by removing a lock and pulling on a wire latch. The suspect took clothing and poker chips. Not to trivialize crime, but it is tempting to think that this particular thief was simply late to his weekly poker game, and was desperately in need of some fresh threads. Similarly:

Between 07/04/10 at 10:00pm and 07/05/10 at 3:55am on the 6100 block of Geary Boulevard, a suspect broke the front window of a business, reached in and removed flowers from the front display. Perhaps this was simply a hamfisted way of sprucing up some interesting staging.

Police Blotter – July 9, 2010 - [Richmond Blog SF]