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Not Even Incredible Views Can Escape the Chopping Block

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With almost 100 feet of deeded ocean frontage, this immense Sea Cliff manse can justifiably tout its gorgeous views. The 3,734 square foot monster features an impressive glass line, offering up several floor to ceiling lookouts of GGNRA, Marin, the Golden Gate, the Pacific, and the Bay. However, with only two beds and two baths, it can leave potential buyers scratching their heads. The extra space seems to have gone into a kitchen both opulent and large enough for Mr. Creosote, and an immense living room with vaguely hotel-esque decor. The property also boasts approved plans for a 3,000 addition, though if this world has taught us anything, it is that approved plans rarely amount to diddly with these types of buyers.

Originally listed at a hefty $11,500,000 in January, the agents lopped off a cool million back in May. Last week, the agents knocked off an additional $510,000. At $2,675 per foot, still a bit rich for my blood, though I think Kirk Hammett may be in the market.

Was: $11,500,000
Now: $9,990,000
You Save: $1,510,000 or 13.9%

830 El Camino Del Mar - [Redfin]
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