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SFMTA: Now Sending Interns Out to Play in Traffic

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[Photos: Bryan Goebel via Streetsblog]

The Battle for Fell Street continues. While waiting for the federally-mandated green bike lane, the MTA has put their interns out on the street to politely educate drivers not to block the bike lane while waiting for cheap gas at the Arco Station. So much for getting coffee and putting paper in the printer. Unlike the rest of San Francisco, and possibly the rest of the planet, the Fell Street bike lane is on the left instead the right side, so west-bound cyclists can be funneled into the speedway bike path through the Panhandle to points west. No one's come out and said "the bikes are on the wrong side" immediately followed by "no one dares walk in the Panhandle any more." Thus far the City's mediated the needs of aggressive cyclists, equally aggressive drivers, plus those people who have inherited the God-given right to park their cars on the street. Next up: assertive pedestrians. Happy hour in a crosswalk on Geary Boulevard, anyone? Seniors and parents with strollers welcome.
· SFMTA Interns Help Educate Drivers on New Fell Street Configuration [Streetblog]