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Decrepitude on Day Street: Yours for Under a Million!

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Mossy! Barely in Noe Valley and on the way to Glen Park, maybe on the edge of of the imaginatively-named Fairmont Heights, is this classic Victorian at 369 Day Street that just "can't wait to be remodeled." Possibly your last chance to buy a five-room, one-bath house in untouched condition for almost a million dollars. Actually it's $829,500, but close enough. No pictures other than the front exterior in the listing and probably needs more than "choose your own colors" in the way of work. At least you won't have to look at someone else's granite countertops for thirty years at 5%, but do have a look at the Pest Report first. Read what Alison Arieff had to say about this part of town a while back. On a more sober note, a house like this always make one wonder what sad story brought it to this state.
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