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Seing Double? Contemporary Twins in Bernal

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These twin houses caught our eye yesterday, side-by-side on a steep stretch of Bradford St. in Bernal. At first we thought someone just made a mistake and listed the same house twice, but no, they're really side-by-side identical 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath houses, each offered at $879,000. The homes are nice enough (LEED-certified, high-end finishes, landscaped backyards), but the cookie-cutter aspect kind of bothers us. Who wants to have the exact same home as one's neighbor? Maybe out in the 'burbs, but here in SF we like to express our individuality. Unless you're Vivian and Marian Brown, of course.
· 340 Bradford St. [Redfin]
· 350 Bradford St. [Redfin]
· Vivian and Marian Brown [Wikipedia]