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Upper Market/Twin Peaks: Richard Neutra's Largent House

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[One in a series of posts about private places in San Francisco that are important to our built environment. And when we say "Do Not Disturb," we mean it. -PF]

Nestled in the post-WWII stuccapocalypse that is Upper Market is the Largent House by Richard Neutra, circa 1935. While Neutra houses are thick on the ground in the Los Angeles area, there are only five in San Francisco, with a few down the peninsula and in the East Bay. We know nothing about Mr./Mrs./Ms. Largent but this was radical stuff in the middle of the Great Depression. Like so many Neutra houses, Largent is now all white, although it may well have once been unpainted cement block and redwood siding, and above his typical shifting planes is a large glass block space with later greenhouse additions. On the corner of Hopkins and Burnett and worth imagining when it was one of the few houses in the neighborhood with open views to the northeast. Got facts on Largent to share? Let us know in the comments or by email,

To make looking at Neutra in San Francisco a little easier, take a look at our Neutra map after the jump. It's a work in progress we'll keep updating as links and images are available, especially as Google streetviews leave something to be desired (we also have no idea what this will look like in your browser.) Triangle Modernist Houses provided much of the data with a chronological overview of Neutra's career. And in case you're a hater, there's a video clip of Barbara Lamprecht, author of Neutra, talking about Neutra and a time when people thought architecture (and psychoanalysis) could change lives.

View Curbed SF: Neutra in San Francisco in a larger map

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