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The Pricechopper is Lurking in Berkeley

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In Berkeley, the house at 2500 Rose Walk was open yesterday. Not only is it lovely, it's now "Pending" a week after a chop of $45K off the asking price. Beautifully scaled, looking like a smaller house than it is, sited at the edge of a public pathway through a resident-maintained garden off Euclid Avenue.

Feeling landlord-y this week and needing a trophy property? Across the path (and shown above) 2501-2527 Rose Walk is on the market and recently pricechopped to $3.45M from $3.68M, now averaging $383K per unit. It's swell complex of four duplexes and one cottage beautifully massed up the path with garages along Cordonices Street. Like 2500 Rose Walk, the duplexes were also designed by Henry Gutterson, most likely with Maybeck looking over his shoulder, and most had bay views until about ten years ago now blocked by trees across the street. Not that anyone in Berkeley cuts down trees. The realtor's site with lots of images is here. All the Rose Walk properties are Berkeley Landmarks and Mills Act-ready, meaning you get a break on your taxes to offset the expense of maintaining an historic property.
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