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Mill Valley: Romantic Decrepitude, $1.2M

Fairly reeking of the Marin counterculture of bygone days, this multl-structure property near downtown Mill Valley is set in a grove of redwoods and more moss than you can shake a stick at. For $1.2M, basically a teardown, although it has its ridiculously charming moments. Besides, what's not to love about Magee Avenue? We'd love someone to tell us what angst-ridden Mill Valley poet/poetess lived here. Probably also the home of some endangered tree slug or lichen species, it may be years before one gets approval to build something new. In the meantime, rent it out for photo shoots or a film location, preferably something with Tilda Swinton. Because it's quite fabulous.

· 3 Magee Avenue [PacUnion]
· 3 Magee Avenue [Redfin]

3 Magee Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941