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Cathedral Hill: Heinous Wall-to-Wall for $519K

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Full disclosure: we know nothing about this building and have never seen a listing there. In fact, we've barely noticed it while whizzing automotively south on Gough Street. But aside from some truly despicable wall-to-wall carpet, the place looks pretty good. Offered at $519K.. Built in 1967, we'll add this to our list of mid-century condos we could live in- the other being the Eichler-built, Jones & Emmons-designed 66 Cleary Court a few blocks to the west. On the negative side (aside from that carpet) no in-unit laundry and, really, do you need air-conditioning? There's also the daily reminder of the hierarchical nature of the Catholic Church with a view directly down onto the spectacular Pietro Belluschi-designed St. Mary Maytag. No moment like the present for some "cleansing" metaphors.

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