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Santa Clara Will Shell Out for the Niners

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If you build it, they will come -- to Silicon Valley, it seems. Yesterday Santa Clara voters passed Measure J, which allows for $114 million in city funds to be funneled toward the construction of a new $937 million, 68,500-seat stadium for the 49ers, located next to the Great America theme park. The stadium is planned to go up in time for the 2014 season, and with the NFL dangling a Super Bowl carrot and most local opposition to the stadium cut at the knees with this vote, we're thinking things will stay mostly on track. Before the measure passed, San Francisco officials were confident that just because they say they will doesn't mean Santa Clara will actually go through with the construction of the Niners' new field, and there's no indication that Lennar is pulling back their own already-rejected offer of $100 million toward a stadium in their Hunters Point/Bayview megadevelopment. But four years is faster than we can imagine anything coming together within SF city limits, and it seems the 49ers have probably made up their minds. After all, what do they care -- they're keeping the "San Francisco" name either way.
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