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Richmond Condos Still Rooted in Hell

It's not always easy taking up residence in some of the city's most storied real estate. Apparently things are even a little hellish for residents at the rather unappealing 6118-6122 California Street, the three-unit condo building that went up after the late Church of Satan founder Anton LeVey's Black House was demolished. We were really hoping that the new residents would go all out, paint the place black and set up shop for LeVey's second coming, but it's nothing so exciting. Satanic believers still stop by the place to draw pentagrams, arrows and other symbols on the driveway in black wax, and to steal the three 6's from the addresses affixed to the building (really, those 6's were asking for it: who didn't see that one coming?). Still, we won't be satisfied that there's really nothing devilish going on here until we see some interior shots.
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