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Election Day Melee

As you get out to the polls, or sit at your desk remembering crap, you need to get out to the polls, we just wanted to highlight a few local and statewide propositions of note on today's ballot. Prop B would allow for $412 million in bonds to fund the construction of new municipal buildings in Mission Bay, plus retrofitting of other run-down firehouses and the firefighting water system. Prop G would stipulate that Transbay Terminal be the last stop on the California High Speed Rail Line -- when that thing appears in what, 2050? Yeah, okay, we'll go with it. And lastly, if passed, the new statewide Prop 13 would prohibit tax assessors from raising property tax rates if new construction was done for the purpose of seismic retrofits. Because Prop 13 hasn't done enough for California already!

But our favorite is of course Proposition F, the "Renters Financial Hardship" measure, which would provide for temporary exemptions from rent hikes for tenants whose wages drop 20 percent or more. Evil renters looking for handouts, or a humane thing to do in the worst economic climate since the Great Depression? To the comments!
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