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Everyone's Got Mid-Market Madness

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The Chronicle's Sunday cover feature about Mid-Market's oh-so-long-awaited come back won't be online until tomorrow morning, but we can guess at its coverage of the neighborhood. It was great, but now it's not! Public transportation, a lack of housing and a conglomeration of social services keep it not so great! But now Mayor Newsom is channeling funds to repave the street, bike lanes, extra sidewalk space, green pods, keywords, gentrification, arts and theater district, developers frothing at the mouth at the prospects -- whoa, sorry, we almost caught it too!

The Chron isn't alone in their newfound obsession with last year's neighborhood of the year. Gannett's online venture the Bold Italic were out in full force over the weekend at 6th and Market for an upcoming feature. But the Bold Italics were reporting on some less PR-friendly aspects of the Mid-Market scene, from knife fights to needle exchanges to Hells Angels. (Full disclosure: I am contributing a small piece to the Bold Italic's coverage.)

But instead of dwelling on these other reports, we've got one of our own. To be fair, there is some great stuff coming to Mid-Market in the long view. We're most excited about the daily art and antique markets planned for underutilized U.N. Plaza, which now hosts the twice-weekly Heart of the City farmer's market. Also expect more public art aimed at getting pedestrians to slow down a little bit and appreciate Mid-Market's unique? charm?

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