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40 Day Street Has a Heavy Hand

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We're never ones to shy away from an easy target, but sometimes they really just catch our eye. Take 40 Day(glo), for example. This 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath clocks in at $1.75 million, which isn't so bad for a 3,136-square-foot "resort-like home," even just a couple blocks off Mission. But while we see the fireplace, the deck and garden, and oh yes the city views, we also see those terrifying wall colors. Lime green, mint and peach? We'll call them that, though we're not sure that green exists in nature. Sure, it's just a paint job, but we can't imagine how many coats of primer it would take to make that hallway walkable without Raybans. Contractors, specialists and ravers, inquire within.

· 40 Day Street [MLS]

40 Day Street, San Francisco, CA