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Mother Nature: Reclaiming 149 Mangels Avenue

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Can it be three years? It seems like only yesterday we we're posting about 149 Mangels, a dilapidated-but-classic Glen Park cottage that was offered at $399K in late 2006 and went down in a bidding war for $529K. Back in the day when "dilapidated" and "Glen Park" were often to be found in the same sentence. And then before we knew it, Kaboom! the house literally went down, nearly crushing the new owner while replacing the foundation himself in some mad dream of DIY San Francisco home ownership.

Three years have gone by and it's still an empty lot, with rented fencing and tarps strewn about. Very sad. We have vague recollections of rumors about divorce and fleeing the country, but basically have no facts. It's just there. Reproaching us for our Bubble and reverting to it's natural state as coyote habitat.

Adorable Glen Park cottage! Who could resist?

Nothing like having your house slide a few yards downhill, the sad aftermath of DIY gone deeply wrong.

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