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Happy Hunters Point Day

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[Photos by Curbed SF editor-in-our-hearts Andy J. Wang]

On the eve of their environmental impact report showdown with the Planning Department, Lennar hosted a meet-and-greet for journos and the Hunters Point Shipyard. A recap: $7 billion, 10,500 homes, 3.7 million square feet of commercial and retail space, a theater and artists' colony. Here, a rundown of Lennar's side of the story, in what their regional veep says "will probably turn out to be some interesting theater over the next several weeks." Oh we can only hope.

· Hunters Point Shipyard was an industrial military base, meaning a higher degree of cleanup is needed -- the Navy has already invested over $700 million in that effort. Lennar compares the site to the once industrial Emeryville wasteland that has since been paved and malled to the gills. A blank canvas!
· Lennar is currently laying down the roadwork and basic infrastructure for parcel A, the first phase of the Hunters Point project: 1,400 homes on what the developer refers to as "the hilltop." Fancy! Will they be done by that January 2011 deadline though?
· Lennar says 32 percent of the units throughout the project will be affordable. Their definition of affordable: from current residents of the Alice Griffith projects, who will be relocated into the new buildings, and who Lennar says are big supporters, to residents with 160 percent of the area median income. Most affordable projects put a cap at 100 percent. But if we know anything, we know this is not most projects.
· Santa Clara may be voting on a new 49ers stadium soon, but Lennar is still desperateopen to the possibility of a stadium in Hunters Point, and won't give up until a 2017 deadline. Now that's optimism!
· Green stuff: development of Hunters Point will make much of the southern waterfront accessible to the public, and will become part of the 500-mile Bay Trail. And building 813 will be rehabbed to provide space for greentech business and the initial office space for U.N. Global Compact headquarters.

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