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Planning Snips 350 Mission

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It seems 350 Mission has gotten a little trimmed off the top just in time for summer. Originally proposed as a 27-story, 375-foot tower (and still advertised as such on their website, yesterday the Planning Department issued notice that they are preparing the environmental impact report for 350 Mission for a 24-story structure instead. New Jersey-based owners GII US Office propose demolishing a 4-story building there and, if all goes according to (the new?) plan, replacing it with the 355-foot tall tower designed by Maybeck Award winner and Parkmerced and Treasure Island architect Craig Hartman. The tower will contain 356,000 square feet of office space, 6,600 square feet of restaurant and retail space and about 7,000 square feet of public open space. The LEED Gold building will utilize styrofoam and plastic bottles in place of some concrete "to create the lightest structural system and strongest structural design possible." A public meeting concerning the scope of the EIR will be held June 22.
· A Portrait of Craig Hartman, Man Behind the Curtain at SOM [Curbed SF]