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Craig Ellwood in Hillsborough, 1961

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In Los Angeles, the name Craig Ellwood usually quickens the blood of mid-century modern fans, and not just because he was called the Cary Grant of American architecture. In the Bay Area, not so much. He was the leading proponent of Miesian design in Southern California, with a few dozen steel and glass structures to his credit with one of them just to the south of us in Hillsborough. So here, in a grove of oaks, surrounded by MacMansions and bordering a golf course, is the Nicholas Daphne house, an elevated pair of pavilions connected by a foyer and kitchen, in white-painted steel, marble and travertine, surrounding a swimming pool. Looks to be in original condition, possibly with some of its original furnishings- there's a Florence Knoll credenza in the dining room some people would kill for.

And yes, it's the same Nicholas Daphne, the funeral director, who's Daphne Funeral home on Mint Hill was designed by Jones & Emmons, exposed to multiple indignities, and replaced by a MacStucco housing complex. The house has been on the market since September 2008, and as of this morning at 12:42AM, listed as "pending". Offered at $2,850,000.
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[Correction Appended: we erred in calling the late Mr. Daphne "Walter". His name was Nicholas.]