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John Ekin Dinwiddie in Berkeley, 1951

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From the little-known but influential modernist John Ekin Dinwiddie, a house in the Berkeley Hills from 1951. Listed as "pending" and asking $1.99M. On such a spectacular site it could be a target for tear-down and replacement. 1951 was also when Erich Mendelsohn was working out of Dinwiddie's office, and we can't help but wonder if some design details (those thin pilotis and deep overhangs) weren't his. The lot is on a ridge between Oak Ridge and Tunnel Road. In a addition to the usual garage next to the house, it has a carport downhill on Tunnel Road accessed by a stair and hang on- a funicular. Sadly, not in working order. In addition to a fabulously lethal staircase in a glass tower, there's also a mad overhang/light fixture at the front door. Check out the realtor's site for the property before it goes away.

[Google Maps only accepts "Oakridge" as the correct street. Additionally, the Bing map on Redfin outlines the property to the north, immediately next door. So much for them. -PF]

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