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Wide Open Spaces in Noe Valley Tri-Story

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If a house was able to induce seizures, this would be the one to do it. The 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath mansion is truly monstrous. At 3,136 square feet, one runs the risk of getting lost in their own house. A cavernous living room then leads out to a pretty sweet upstairs patio. Throw in a large, well equipped kitchen, two-car garage, media room, and rear garden, and everything seems copacetic. What could go wrong?

And then the color scheme reaches up and slaps you in the mouth. The interior of this place looks like it is still trying to come down from LoveFest. We must have missed the most recent issue of Dwell, in which day-glo makes a comeback. Originally listed for $1,750,000, the property recently shaved off a good 3%, relisting at $1,699,000, or $542 per foot. Maybe the walls glow in the dark, making a late night snack run both safer and more convenient. That would totally make it worth it.

40 Day Street - [MLS]