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$2.8 million St. Regis Terraced Unit at $1,562 per foot

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In keeping with the "monied interest" theme of the day, hitting the market today is this $2.8 million gem in the St. Regis. The 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath unit features extensive views, oversized chef's kitchen, and maple floors, all for a mere $1,562 per square foot. That only seems moderately decadent until one takes a spin through the MLS. At present there are six additional listings within the St. Regis, including a C unit with 321 days on market, and a F unit with 143 days on market. While this is the only D unit currently listed in the building, a plethora of other 2/2.5 configurations suggest a tough road ahead. Throw in the $2,297 in monthly HOAs, and you've got yourself one spicy meatball of a monthly payment.
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St. Regis

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